R E B E C C A ' S    C A V E

on beautiful Cayman Brac

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About 15 years ago, a friend of Jerry Tharp's told him a 'story'.  It was a poignant story of a little girl's epic struggle to survive a devastating hurricane on a small, isolated island floating in the vastness of the Caribbean Sea.  Unfortunately, this little girl, Rebecca Bodden, fought a loosing battle against the ravaging forces of Nature.  Jerry was so moved by the story that he sat down for two days and composed  the song "Rebecca".  He agonized for years about the final form of the song and it lay idle.  Then he enlisted the help of his good friend Mel Douglas who 'put a beat to it'.

"Rebecca's Cave", the song describing this very deeply moving event, has finally been released and it is attracting a widespread audience.  For more of  Rebecca's Story, read on . . . .

Facing image credit:  The '32 Storm, modified cover illustration by N. Kirkaldy  (Cayman Islands National Archive Collection).